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Missing energy while the battery is fully charged


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Hi all,

I have a question about the simulation results of an off grid system. The simulation shows



For example the month February the results are as follows:

Available energy 82.9 kWh

Unused energy (battery full) 43.71 kWh

Missing energy 1.007 kWh

Energy supplied to the user 36.63 kWh

Energy need of the user 37.63 kWh

So we have a production of 82.9 kWh, more then enough to cover the energy need of the user (37.63 kWh) We have unused energy because the battery is full of 43.71 kWh and still there is a missing energy amount of 1.007 kWh

Who can explain to me what calculation is behind this?

Many thanks in advance

Kind regards






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