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Are shadings duplicated (electrical and beam linear)?

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I was trying different configurations to understad how pvsyst calculates every variable and I found that when I cover all the modules in the 3D scene in the nearshadings option and choose partitions, both electrical and beam shadings appear.


All modules covered:



Near shadings and electrical shadings appears:



I know this configuration does not make sense in real cases but, if a module that is always shaded the near shading should be 100% and the electrical shadings should be 0%, if any electrical shading appears means that PVSyst is duplicating the direct beam losses, isn't it?


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Could you send the shading scene at support@pvsyst.com ?
We could take a look at it. Indeed, 7% electrical shadings seems like too much. I also don't understand why it's 99% shadings and not 100%.

Also are you modeling with which version and which shading model (fast or slow)?

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