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Different Module orientation in Module layout that 3D layout

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Hello Everyone,

I am trying to import a .Pvc file from pvcase. I have imported it successfully but  I am getting Problem  in Module layout , where I am trying for string Planning. The module layout is too different than what I actually imported. I have followed the all the instruction. But couldnt got the actual layout. I am attaching two pictures.

Please help me through this.


Module layout.png

3D scene.png

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Dear Pranav,

The module layout representation is actually different from the real 3D representation as it tries to align tables in row/columns rather than positioning tables on their real coordinates. This specific display in the module layout is used to render the tables in a horizontal 2D view and has no impact on the simulation results.

As your PV tables are not strictly aligned due to the ground slope, the module layout tool displays your tables in different rows/columns.

If you want to identify which table of the module layout corresponds to a specific table of the 3D scene, you can display the names of the tables as they are in the 3D scene:



You can also open the module layout and the 3D scene in parallel. If you click on a table in the 3D scene, it will be highlighted in the module layout:




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