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Single Axis Tracker with Stowing - Wind Direction

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when simulating a single axis tracker with stowing strategy is the wind direction taken into account? 

When stowing with an angle not equal to 0, the PV panel should face the direction the wind is coming from. Is PVsyst considering that when simulating the stowing strategy? 


I'm using PVsyst 7.4. 


Best wishes 


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Hi Fabian, 

The wind stow strategy in PVsyst is currently a very simple model where the trackers are put into stow position when the wind speed is above a certain threshold. In version 7.4, this strategy is only available for tilted trackers and horizontal N-S trackers. The wind speed direction is also not taken into account at the moment since this information is not easily available. 

We are working on improving this feature and should allow more flexibility to this function in future releases. 



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