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Bifacial pv batch mode simulation


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Hello !

To start with, I would define a variant with an “unlimited sheds” orientation. That is simpler than using a 3D scene, but in the end even for the latter it should work the same.

To get the bifacial gain, you should compare the yield (E_Grid) for a simulation with the bifacial model active, and one without:
Therefore, you should prepare a variant for each of the options, let's say, VC0 and VC1.

In the batch mode, you can alternate between the two variants:

You should also vary the parameters tilt and ground albedo.

Honestly, in these figures, I see no interest to put the PV system capacity as a parameter. It has no impact on the variables displayed.
The small differences that you see in the second plot are probably related to slightly different DC:AC ratios. However you can vary the following system parameters:
To adapt the PV capacity.

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Posted (edited)

Thank you so much for your replay, i have another questions which are : is the pv syst get us this histogrammes or it must take a values from pv syst and used them in excel in order to have this histogrammes.

And for the capacity of system ,i dont find it like a parameter of input  in batch simulation, i find also the tilt angle and albedo, so what i do in this case.

My grateful salutations 

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The output of the batch mode is only a CSV file, i.e., you need to use another tool to generate a histogram.

The capacity of the system itself is not a parameter, but you can equivalently change the Number of strings and Number of inverters. This is equivalent to modifying the capacity of the system.

If these two options do not appear in the “system parameter” tab, it means that your system has multiple sub-arrays, or some other complexity such as optimizers, etc, that prevents it to be used as a parameter. If you are unsure, please send a screenshot of your system definition, for example.

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