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Problem with activating the bifacial tool

Sama Ashraf

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Good afternoon everyone,

I imported a 3d scene from sketch up to PVsyst, now I am trying to activate the bifacial tool in the system part but I always get this error message. 
Is there a way to convert imported modules into a "regular shed array" in the near shadings tab?


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This is a very common question in the forum.

Please read the following page carefully: https://www.pvsyst.com/help/bifacial-conditions.htm

The error message indicates that the bifacial backside irradiance model, which is a simplified 2D model, is not very representative of the 3D scene for some reason. Also, note that the bifacial model can only work in V7 for a single fixed tilt or SAT orientation, in regularly arranged rows.

For fixed tilt / SAT, the error will appear if the pitch is not regular in your scene, above a certain threshold. In such a case, you can bypass the error via the advanced parameters.

In the case of SAT, the axis tilt is not represented in the bifacial model and also generates a similar error above a certain threshold, which can be also bypassed in the advanced parameters.

The advanced parameters are found in the main window > Settings > Edit advanced parameters:



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