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Loss diagram difference with azimuth


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The first one is for azimuth 12° and we are wondering as to how there is a difference of 10 percent in specific production between south and 12°, is there any way to explain this as the loss diagram is pretty much the same only a 2% difference. In all the research articles as well we have an understanding that from 0-40° azimuth change thre is only a 2-5 percent difference in specifc production, so could you explain why this is the case in PVsyst, and also which value should i look into so i can actually justify the 10 percent reduction in specific production? Thank you


The below picture is for azimuth 0 


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You can see that the main difference between the two variants is the “STC-Wirkungsgrad” (STC efficiency). This means that the modules used in the two simulations must be different in some way, probably. Can you check that the modules are really the same?

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