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I m the new user of this software. I found although I selected unlimited tracker with backtracking orientation tab. (input the inactive band np of tracker etc.)  once I contracted the grid under near shadings  the software automatically decided tracker orientation eg N-S, or W-E and overide the number of tracker afterward. Would you please advise if there is manual input area to decide the number of tracker etc?



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“Unlimited” orientations are orientations that allow to bypass the 3D scene, by entering some general geometric specifications (size of tables, number of rows, distance between tables, etc.). With these specifications, we can estimate shading losses.

If you are using an unlimited orientation, you should therefore not use the 3D scene. The number of trackers will not be specified, only the number of consecutive rows is important.

Instead, if you want to use a 3D scene, please start either by constructing the 3D scene, or choosing your tracker orientation not among the “unlimited” ones. By doing this latter option, when you create a tracker in the 3D scene, it will have the orientation defined in “Orientation”.


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