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Irregular string partitions - modeling true shading effect

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I am comparing a PVSyst model and its simulated shading with IR drone footage to see how the two compare in terms of shading. The biggest issue I am coming across is that the strings, in real life, have been partitioned in a completely different way to the model. Each "rack table" is set up in a simple manner, but in real life, the stings have been wired across multiple tables in the same row or across tables in different rows. What I am seeing in real life is that many of these strings are ceasing to produce energy because the "mutual shadings are sufficiently spread out". However, since the PVSyst model isn't partitioned in the same way, I am seeing a significantly less pronounced effect from the nearby tree shading.

Is there a way to manually adjust the partitions and align the model to what was actually built?

Do you have any other suggestions for modeling building so I can make the effects from shading more pronounced or "realistic"?


Let me know if you need any additional information from me in order to answer my question and thank you in advance for your help.



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Dear Spencer,

No, at the moment there is no real possibility to increase the amount of electrical shadings with the model of electrical shadings in partitions. It's an excellent point which we should address.

The worst case value in the model is when there is only a single partition per table. But if due to the wiring, a shade on one table deactivates several tables, that cannot be modeled with the partition model.

A workaround could be to define larger tables (across the same row). But in case of strings over different rows, I really don't see how to solve the problem with the partition model.

The only way in PVsyst would be to go with the module layout model, but for large scenes it will take quite a lot of time.

If you send us some examples (screenshot or better full project) we may be able to take a more detailed look, but I'm not sure what can be done.

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