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I am switching PVsyst 6 to a new computer, how to import my data ?

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If you already used and saved data under PVsyst 6 on a old computer and would like to switch to a new computer, there are 2 things to do:

- transfer your license (if you have one)

- export data from the old computer and import them on the new one

Export data from old computer

- Plug a USB key in the old computer.

- Start PVsyst.

- Go to main menu >> File >> Workspace >> Export...

- Set the path to the USB key to export data and switch on "Compress exported workspace", then click on Export

This procedure will create file PVsyst_ExtData.zip containing all your PVsyst data on the USB key.




Import data on the new computer

- Plug the USB key in the new computer.

- Start PVsyst and accept the default options when asking where to find a data workspace.

- Go to main menu >> File >> Workspace >> Import...

- Set the path of the exported zip file PVsyst_ExtData.zip (on the USB key)

- Set a new workspace path, for example C:\Users\\PVsyst_Import, then click on Import



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Note that you can use the same procedure to backup or archive your PVsyst user data:

1. Use the export full workspace to backup your data in a zip file

2. Use the import full workspace to restore your data from a zip file in case you had for example a disk failure.

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