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High Mounted Systems


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Hello everyone, 

I am looking to simulate agrovoltaic systems with PVsyst. 

I have never used the software before and am now wondering, where I can put in my values for the height of the PV modules? I assume it will be making a difference (especially for shading and therefore row distances) whether the modules are placed on ground level or several meters above. 


I appreciate every bit of help! 


Thanks and kind regards,


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Hi !
The height above ground is indeed crucial if you are using bifacial modules or large tilt values. For monofacial modules, solely oriented towards the sky, it does not matter too much.
Therefore, the height above ground is a parameter in the bifacial model for the backside irradiance. It is available in System, as soon as you choose a bifacial module. The button Bifacial system allows you to parametrize the bifacial modeling.

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