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Attribute panels to string

Michalis Angeli

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Hello and happy new year!

I am trying to attribute some pv panels in a string. And i recieve that Warning "the selected belongs to an array of orientation#1. It cannot be attributed to this tablem of orientation#2".
My project has 4 several orientations.

During system's definition, I choosed orientation mixed #1 and #2. The rest orientations had taken into account as seperates.

How can I solve that error?

I attach some screenshot about my project and warnings.


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Hi, and happy new year as well !
This is a missing feature with our Huawei optimizer string configuration interface. At the moment, it is not compatible with the mixed orientation feature.
Without optimizer, this would work. I will file a ticket for this missing feature.

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At some point, yes.
But it is not too hard to correct the error in the current version. Instead of using the mixed orientation, you can define two subarrays with one MPPT and one string each.
Then you can combine them in the string configuration, I think.

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I have tried that you describe above and works. But i face other i can't define only 3 panels in one string to Inverter. That i want to say, is I am trying to connect pv modules with east orientation with south orientation in the same string in the same MPPT. However this isn't acceptable from PVSYST while i have two differents orientations i should do seperates subbarrays. 

For this reason I had tried to mixe the orientations. 

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Very well, so with phrase "Mixed orientations can only put different orientation in parallel, not in series" you mean that i can't have a big string in one MPPT with pv modules equal to addition of panels from two orientations. But i can have two seperates strings for each orientation?

In this diagramm, I have 4 different orientations, so i have 4 seperates strings. Each inverter have 1 string in each MPPT input.

When i try to define the mixed orientation that error appeare.



So what is my fault?
Maybe I don't understand somethin well enough to forward.

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Note, in your situation the strings that are on two orientations are not connected in parallel, because they are connected to separate MPPTs ! Their voltages are independent. So the mixed orientation is not the correct way.

The following is correct, you have checked the multi-MPPT feature checkbox. But you should not use the mixed orientation here. You should instead define four sub-arrays (one for each orientation, with 1 string each, and 1 MPPT each). You should then use the orientation power-sharing (https://www.pvsyst.com/help/powersharing.htm) functionality.

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Hello again!

I am trying to develop a project with 3 differents orientations. And I face that problem. "The inverter is strongly undersized". image.thumb.png.7e5b6f51af8f03e82321e1ac7e75ea23.png

However, when I select strings configuration I face another problem, as you can see in picture below. This is problem is due to that i don't use optimizer for this orientation that presented the subarray 3?


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The "Multi-orientation" option concerns full strings only.  Although this would be possible with optimizers, it is not possible to define several orientations within a same string in the present time.  This possibility involves a deep modification of the PVsyst simulation, it is on our roadmap, but will not be available before several months.

Therefore in your first subarray with one only string, the "Multi-orientation" doesn't make sense.  This should not appear in the possible options, we have to correct this. 

For the second question, the inverters list  (specific to Huawei optimizers) only mentions the inverters equipped with optimizers. However this very special case of equipping one MPPT with optimizers and the other one without is not foreseen. It is not possible in PVsyst. 

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