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Problem in power sharing

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I am doing a project where I tried to do the simulations with the power-sharing to distribute power equally among the MPPT but I am getting below error "The sum of power shares is larger than 100%". I have attached the images for your reference. 

First snip shows the list of sub-arrays and system equipment.


Below snip is after the power-sharing defined


No error in the system after power sharing is done.


I can simulate the system without any error


But when I go back to the project page I get the error "The sum of power shares is larger than 100%" Please see the below snip.


Now, if I go to power-sharing again percentage is changed for each MPPT, and Pnom ratio is uneven instead of equal or near to equal.

image.png.f2adb99a01ce8c61a6ff49717ee8bce9.pngNow If I uncheck and check, power sharing works fine but sharing is not retained after simualtions.


As of now, I have done the simulations with partial sharing but can you please suggest a solution?

I can provide more info if needed.




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On 1/3/2024 at 7:26 PM, Michele Oliosi said:

Are you running the latest version of PVsyst ? If yes, if you can send your project at support@pvsyst.com, that would greatly help us in figuring out the issue or bug.
Thanks in advance

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After analyzing your project, I have found that most of the sub-arrays in your system are in an erroneous state, i.e., they do not have the “power-sharing” flag activated.
This may happen, for example, if you defined the “power-sharing” once but then switched to not using the multi-MPPT feature at some point.

An easy way to correct the state of all sub-arrays is to go to the “power-sharing” window, and click twice on the power-sharing checkbox to deactivate and reactivate it. This will reset the flag for all concerned sub-arrays.

On our side, we will try to fix the program to make sure that these situations do not happen anymore.

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