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Bifacial solar fence


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Dear all,

I would like to ask how to simulate a solar fence with bifacial panels. 

In the "Near Shading" I drew several tables for the solar fence elements. 

But now in "System"  - "Bifacial system" settings, I see an error message:   "Your PV system is not suited for the bifacial 2D model computation. In the 3D scene, the pitch between tables cannot be zero. This happens if you aligned tables or defined only a single table. You should define regular shed array(s) in the 3D scene."

For a solar fence I don't need a pitch. Is there a way to solve this?  

Thanks for the support.

Best regards,




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Unfortunately, at the moment, PVsyst doesn't handle well (in terms of backside irradiance) situations without a pitch.
However, there are some workarounds for this issue. You can either:

  • Use the “unlimited sheds” orientation, and define a large (e.g., 50m) value for the pitch.
  • Keep the 3D scene, but duplicate all objects. Then you can place the copied objects far away to the east or west. This artificially generates a large value for the pitch — a situation in which the number of “rows” doesn't matter anymore. PVsyst may then throw a warning regarding the mismatch between 3D scene PV area and System PV area. This warning can be bypass via the main window > Settings > Edit advanced parameters, with the following parameters:
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