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Pitch between table is not sufficiently homogeneous

Edwin Tellez

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I have a project with fixed structures of different configurations 3Vx28, 3Vx14, 2Vx14 with bifacial photovoltaic modules. There is a .pvc and .csv file for shadow analysis, but when activating the bifaciality function of the modules, PVSyst does not allow the simulation to be carried out:


A pitch is considered between 2V tables of 6 m and between 3V tables of 9m.


The types of tables considered for the project are a product of the typology of the terrain, seeking to optimize earthworks.



Will it be possible to make some type of adjustment to the PVSyst parameters that allows the simulation to be carried out, activating the bifaciality function of the modules with these types of fixed tables (2V and 3V)?

thank you so much for your support and attention.

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Dear Edwin Tellez, you will need to change the simulation. Separate the different configurations as project variants. PVSyst is unable to simulate because the panel arrangements are too physically different. The "unlimeted sheds" option requires homogeneous distribution of the photovoltaic plant as it is a limited resource so far.

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