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Multiple orientations in shadings


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I'm new to PVsyst and trying to set up a shading scene where 20 panels in a single string curve slightly towards the north. I want to tilt segments of 3-5 panels incrementally by 0 to 5 degrees. I tried using subarrays, but it increased the number of inverters, and I need to stick to just one. Any advice on achieving this without adding extra inverters? Thanks!


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In the 3D scene you can create multiple single PV tables or multiple arrays of tables, each with the required tilt.

Then you can go to "Tools > Orientations management", increase the value in "Tolerance" and click on the "Identify orientations" button until you get only one average orientation left.

Then you can go to the main "System" window and you will be able to use only 1 subarray.

I hope this helps.

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