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Query on two large panels in portrait arrangement on a single axis tracker

Richard St Pier

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If large solar panels are used, such as JAM72-D30-545-MB, with a length of 2.28m each, and the single axis tracker has a height of 1m above the ground, when the panels are rotated to 60 degrees, the panels would in fact be hitting the floor. How does PVsyst deal with this scenario? Does it restrict the rotation to less than a certain amount? Or does PVsyst just allow it to theoretically hit the floor.


A difficult question, I'd be grateful for some clarity!

Thanks in advance!

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16 hours ago, Richard St Pier said:

PVsyst just allow it to theoretically hit the floor.

Indeed, PVsyst doesn't really treat the ground collision. It will be up to you to define the tracking range so that it doesn't hit the ground.
I think all simulations steps in which the trackers are “below ground” cannot be trusted, although in appearance the results do not seem too bad.

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Michele, thank you very much for your reply above. That makes sense. In that case, I'll re-run my analysis on topologies that I would expect to hit the ground, and I will restrict them to rotating to the max rotation before hitting the ground, as per the above diagram. I added that diagram to clarify my question, but I see you fully understood it first time. Thank you!!

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