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1. I'd like to know how i can produce energy profile on hourly basis instead of the monthly on the simulation report (page 6 of report)

2. how to financial modelling is been done

3. what are the parameter needed to calculate CO2 offset on every project 

Best regards 


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Dear Sheriif,

1. You can generate hourly values output from the simulation, by following the steps described in our help page: https://www.pvsyst.com/help/output_file.htm

2. This video tutorial on the economic evaluation tool explains step by step the financial modelling : 

3. This video tutorial describes the steps to calculate the carbon balance of your project :



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Thanks for the swift response. Below is the output am able to get but i still dont think its answers my query of the level of granularity i'm expecting to see. in simple term: I’m looking to know what the generation, usable and export energy would be in any given hour within the year.





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