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Diferencia Producciones entre Informe y Excel Bachsimulation.


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Buenos días; 

Tras ejecutar varias simulaciones de un determinado proyecto me encuentro que en varias de las simulaciones hay una diferencia de E_grid entre informe y las Batchsimulation.

En simulación por defecto tengo el año 1 , Pitch 6,5 metros justo los mismos parámetros que incluyo en Excel BatchParams para las mismas condiciones. Adjunto fotos correspondientes a la misma variable de simulación y sin variar ningún dato. 




No entiendo el por que de esta diferencia entre informe y Batchsimulation, por favor si alguien me puede ayudar se agradecería. 

Un saludo a toda comunidad. 


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Hello ! I'm leaving a translation in English - the forum communication language.

Good morning;

After running several simulations of a certain project, I find that in several of the simulations, there is a difference in E_grid between the report and the Batch simulation.

In the default simulation I have year 1, Pitch 6.5 meters, exactly the same parameters that I include in Excel BatchParams for the same conditions. I attach photos corresponding to the same simulation variable and without changing any data.

I don't understand why this difference between report and Batch simulation, please if someone can help me I would appreciate it.

Greetings to the entire community.

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It may be due to the aging mismatch losses. Please check whether you have saved the mismatch values or not. If you can check the "Keeps calculated Mismatch values" box, please do so.

Another way to investigate the problem is to display more variables in your output file. You can also define output files with monthly values and several variables, for the regular PVsyst simulation. Comparing them will lead you to the source of the issue.

I notice that the units in the batch file output are incorrect, we need to address this.


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Hello Michelle, it's a pleasure to meet you.

I have this box checked as seen in the simulation.


I have also tried to simulate on an hourly basis and the annual production coincides with the sum of hourly production, so the problem seems to be between Excel calculation and the data in the reports.


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Good afternoon;

I attach another simulation example with the EArray variable included. The simulation is done for year 1. 

The variables GlobHor, T_amb, GlobInc and GolbEff and PR match but the variables E_Grid and EArray do not.  





If you need more data, please let me know.
Thank you very much. 

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Ok, so the difference occurs before the evaluation of EArray. My following hypothesis about what is happening is:

  • The electrical shading factor table is changing from one simulation to the other. You can check whether this is the cause for the difference by switching to “linear shadings” and see if the difference persists. The fact that the table changes can be due to 2 different reasons:
    • Since you are changing the pitch, the 3D scene is changed. This means that the shading factor table is recalculated. You should check that the backtracking works as intended. If you have perfectly flat ground, there should not be any electrical shadings, so you can output the variable ShdElec and check whether it is zero.
    • The shading factor table of your variant has been calculated in a previous PVsyst version. In this case, the batch mode will make sure it is recalculated with the latest version. You can make sure this doesn't happen by viewing the Table in Near Shadings and clicking on “Recompute”.
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