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Horizontal and vertical PV modules as a system problem


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Good evening,

I'm trying to make a PV system combination of horizontal and vertical modules and to get one report (how they react in the same system). 

I am using "several orientations" in "Orientation" and in attached picture you can see that in "System" I'm defining the orientations as subarrays 1 & 2. image.thumb.png.a1c81182c8eee475734e665c5d3039c3.png 

The first orientation is with tilt 22 degrees and 0 degrees azimuth and the second is with tilt 90 degrees and azimuth 90 degrees.


The PV modules in "Near shadings" are added as arrays of tables.

Can you please tell me how to solve this problem with using bifaciality, because is the most important thing in vertical tilt PV modules. 

Thank you

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