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Customer Requested modules and String Variations out or range


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I am very new to PVsyst so I apologize if the question is due to my lack of understanding.

A customer has asked me to Run PVsyst with the following modules:

PV: Imperial Star 665W

Inverter: 125kW 684-1450VSunny Highpower SHP 125-US-20-Peak3

I was then asked to run PVSyst with 17, 18, 19 & 20 string variations, but the range given by PVsyst is 21-29 strings. At 19 and 20 strings I can run the simulation with an orange warning but with 17 and 18 strings I am given a red warning that the array Vmpp is far lower than the inverter minimum operating voltage.


Does this mean that I should report to the customer that it's not possible to have less than 19 strings, or is there some variable I am missing here that would allow the lower strings?


Thank you,



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Dear Vera,

This is precisely what you need to understand: For this inverter to function, there is a minimum voltage requirement.

The 'operating voltage' range is listed as 684-1450 V. It's important to note that temperature affects voltage; the higher the temperature, the lower the voltage. That's why we base our calculations on a module temperature of 60°C.

I suggest increasing the number of modules or opting for an inverter with less power.

If you need any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Muhammed Sarikaya

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