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How to calculate the irradiance on ground?


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I already know that advanced simulation can give the irradiance on plane by hourly data.

Recently, a customer wanted to evaluate the possibility of growing crops after building a photovoltaic power plant.

So here comes a problem, plant growth requires light, air, soil, water, and temperature.

Let us assume that air, soil, water, and temperature can be solved, I want to see the Total quantity and spatial distribution of irradiance on the ground, and the ground is under  PV arrays at specific heights and spacings.

Can pvsyst have this function? And where can I learn the operation steps?


This problem has troubled me for a long time. If there is any other software or method that can solve this problem, please tell me.


Best regards!

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Hi, as far as PVsyst goes, this is not yet possible. The only variable that can be exported currently is the GlobGnd which gives you the average irradiance on ground in the system area (i.e. removing shading from the PV tables). But there is no spatial distribution.
However we will indeed implement features that can help with agrivoltaic plants in the future. These features may come as soon as next year, although the schedule has not been set yet.

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