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Limit to number of tables that can be imported as DAE or 3DS file?


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Hello PVsyst team,

I'm trying to import a DAE file with a very large number of tables.  There are about 22,000.  So far it has been running without result for 15 minutes on the import step.

Is there a maximum number?  I'm wondering if I'll need to break up the array, and if so, into how many sections.  Both for import, and also for running the shade scene.  Also, is one format better than the other in this case...DAE or 3DS?

This is to attempt to model Nextracker XTR...I know I can't get string mismatch, but I'm trying to see the row to row shade impacts.  Not using TrueCapture.

Thank you!


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Just to share, I was actually able to import it.  .3DS format was better.  I was able to run it, but it was very slow and hard to work with because it was so flow.  I'll be trying with a more powerful computer in the future.

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