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  1. Ah, I had to also redo the shading table calculation after changing the threshold, then after that it triggered the "computing the integrals for diffuse" while running the model. So it does seem to work the same with a non-backtracking array.
  2. Does this threshold for partial scene apply differently depending if your model uses backtracking or no backtracking? I am running a First Solar Array with no backtracking. The complex layout, which is very spread out in multiple small sub-arrays, results in reduced shading losses compared to a simple rectangular layout, even when setting this threshold greater than the tracker count. Does a tracking array with no backtracking still make use of a reference tracker for calculations?
  3. I upgraded to v 7.2.18, and the same thing is happening to me now with a large shade scene. Every little step or change I make in any of the PVsyst windows (not just near shading) brings up a message "checking variant VC_" which spins for a while. I'm not sure if it has to do with the version change, or a change in my computer processing capacity unrelated to PVsyst.
  4. Thank you, I will try the 40 tracker cap modification. What value do you recommend raising it to, for example if I'm modeling a system with 5000 trackers?
  5. Hello, I am able to import a 2D layout from CAD to PVsyst near shading. However, I want to assign alternating East / West tilts to the modules, as in "domes". I am not able to do this because the modules are coming in flat, but all with the same azimuth. The only way to make them tilt in opposite directions is to change the azimuth, which causes them to rotate around their left corner references. Does anyone have suggestions about how to do this?
  6. Hi PVsyst team, I am noticing some changes in shading losses as I go through version updates. These are some general observations. Sometimes running the shading the first time generates different results than the second time. Sometimes the values within "irradiance loss" seem to reduce, while the values within "electrical loss" increase. In version 7.2.16, when comparing unlimited sheds (fixed tilt), vs. the same set of inputs in near shadings, the losses are more significantly different than they used to be in earlier versions. I understand you might need specific files to check what is happening. But can you comment generally on whether the shading calculation methods and algorithms are getting updated intentionally with version updates? We now have the capabilities to implement more and more complex shading scenes. Can you comment on how robust the calculations are with complex scenes? Do you have any recommendations for us as modelers to ensure that shading calculations remain accurate even when running complex scenes? Thanks in advance.
  7. The detailed near shading scene has some overlapping trackers. I wonder if this is causing an issue that interacts with the version change. Will report back.
  8. Thank you, Nils! Is there a general place to access these earlier .exe files, or do we need to request them here on the forum?
  9. Has anyone observed changes in global incident irradiance when changing from version 7.2.11 to 7.2.12?
  10. Hello, is there any way to revert back to a recent sub-version? For example from V7.2.12 to V7.2.11? I don't see the ability to download these sub-versions from the PVsyst website. Thanks in advance for the help.
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