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String sizing


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Dear all,

I'm a beginner in pvSyst and I'm trying to find out how I can put a certain number of previously calculated modules on an inverter. I already know the configuration and distribution of strings and modules on each MPPT. Should I use the subarrays and Power Swing functionality? If so, what are the best practices for waiting for a specific number of modules?

Thank you

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Dear Pvfrance, 

When you have a different number of strings on the MPPT inputs, you should create one sub-array for each configuration (for example one sub-array for the MPPTs with a single string, and another one for the MPPTs with two strings).

Then, in ‘power sharing’, you tell PVsyst which sub-arrays belong to the same inverter and how the power of the inputs is balanced.

I have attached a PDF document to this e-mail with short examples on how to proceed. You can also find more information in the help under:

‘Project design > Grid-connected system definition > Multi-MPPT inverters’

‘Project design > Grid-connected system definition > Multi-MPPT inverters: power sharing’


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