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inconsistency of LID losses values between Report and Output files


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When I simulate a project and generate and output file with all losses and energy, I noticed inconsistency between the LID loss infomed on the waterfall report, and the one I calculate based on the output file. 

 I use EArrayNom and then discount all losses (degradation, irradiance, temperature, shading, spectral, quality), resulting in an Energy value, and then divide LID loss by it:

LID loss (%) = LIDloss(mwh)/Energy(mwh)

The LID loss in MWh being the sum of the LID loss column in the 8670 output file. 

But I cannot get to the same % loss result. An example: on Report, LID loss is 1%, but the calculated one is 0.931%.

Is there another non accounted loss in between? How this % loss presented on the report is calculated?

Thank you

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