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Unable to import custom file due to error msg: "Error while reading date XXX...Limitation of the custom file import at 12 months"


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Indeed, currently the custom import is limited to handling only a single year (i.e. you need to split your data into 10 files).

The only way currently to import a series of years at once is if the data is in standard PVsyst format (https://www.pvsyst.com/help/meteo_pvsyst_standard_format.htm), so that it can be imported via the "Known format" import tools.

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Hi Michelle, 

Thanks for the clarification. I managed to generate 10 separate MET files from the raw data but was unable to generate TMY using the ten MET files.

I am not sure why.



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Dear Ashley,

There may be a problem with one or several of these files. If, for example, one of the files triggers an error (missing or nonphysical data), it could invalidate the TMY process.

Can you send us the files at support@pvsyst.com? We can take a look at them.

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Dear Michele, 

Good afternoon. I cannot send over the files to support@pvsyst.com due to IT restrictions imposed by my company. I am still pending IT team to whitelist the email address. I have checked through the raw data file but did not notice any missing or non-physical data. Could there be another reason for this?

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