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Difference between SolarEdge and string Inverter in loss diagram.

Chae Han Lee

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The simulation was conducted using the same Near Shadings (*.SHD) and Horizon to find out the difference in power generation between the SolarEdge inverter and the normal string inverter.
According to the loss diagram among the simulation results, [Near-shadings:irradiance loss] is different. (SolarEdge: -5.26%, String Inverter: -6.32%)
I would like to ask if Near-shadings:irradiance loss should be the same because it was simulated using the same Nearshadings and Horizon.

image.png.1c288cb6f8cff5e1a98fb22ab8afda5b.pngSolarEdge Loss diagram

image.png.16f1e9ba3ca354744ceb15a20ce80803.pngString inverter loss diagram

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