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Global degradation factor

Michalis Angeli

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Please read https://www.pvsyst.com/help/ageing_general.htm

The black values (%) are calculated from the red values (%/year). Since we calculate in the middle of the year (1/2 year mark), 0.5%/year means 0.25% for the simulation.
To this, the mismatch degradation values are added, which are calculated from a series of random samples. By the way, your mismatch loss seems wrong.
Please uncheck “keeps calculated mismatch values” and click on “add statistics” a couple of times. You can then resave the model.


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Thanks for your answer, however which are the best values for mismatch to insert? 
Because as i saw in a tutorial from PVSYST on Youtube for Aiging gives Imp RMS degradation equal to 0.6%/year and Vmp RMS degradation equal to 0.5%/year.
Should i keep that values in my simulation ?


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