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v7.4.0 Batch simulator does not create separate variants regardless of selection


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Hello, I recently ran a batch simulation in two different ways, with the goal of saving all runs as individual variants. It failed both ways:

1) with the output set to "Always produces calculation version files" 

2) selecting "Calculation versions for specified runs" and entering "Y" in the appropriate field of the batch parameters .csv file.

I also tried reloading the project and restarting PVsyst and that failed. I think this is a genuine bug in 7.4 - I haven't had issues with it in 7.3.



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In case anyone sees this in the future, Bruno was able to investigate. The current workaround is that the "Save VCi" column should instead say "SaveAs VCi". Modifying this will allow batch mode to save variants. 

At present, selecting "Always produces calculation version files" does not create the correct column heading, but "Calculation versions for specified runs" does produce the correct header. 

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