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  1. In case anyone sees this in the future, Bruno was able to investigate. The current workaround is that the "Save VCi" column should instead say "SaveAs VCi". Modifying this will allow batch mode to save variants. At present, selecting "Always produces calculation version files" does not create the correct column heading, but "Calculation versions for specified runs" does produce the correct header.
  2. To clarify, the batch run itself executed fine, it just did not save any of the variants.
  3. Hello, I recently ran a batch simulation in two different ways, with the goal of saving all runs as individual variants. It failed both ways: 1) with the output set to "Always produces calculation version files" 2) selecting "Calculation versions for specified runs" and entering "Y" in the appropriate field of the batch parameters .csv file. I also tried reloading the project and restarting PVsyst and that failed. I think this is a genuine bug in 7.4 - I haven't had issues with it in 7.3. Thanks, Allison
  4. Thanks, the issue with that is we don't like to modify our PAN files directly but I appreciate knowing that works as a work-around!
  5. Hello, I came across an issue that causes slight differences in energy output without changing anything within the variant. We often use a LID loss of 1.55% in our simulations. I've noticed that running the simulation right away will maintain the value exactly as entered, but once you save the simulation and re-open the variant later, it will round to 1.6%. Would it be possible to change this behavior?
  6. Hi PVsyst folks, I know this isn't a high-priority bug but if you could confirm that you've seen this, that would be great. Thanks!
  7. I have run it with nothing selected, and run it with these parameters below - both result in the same error in the report.
  8. Hi julmou, I have noticed this too. It may be tied in with a bug I just submitted, wherein no matter what is entered here, the report says the power factor is "lagging".
  9. Hello, I've recently discovered that entering a leading power factor still shows as a lagging power factor in the report. I've verified this across multiple projects. Let me know if you have any questions.
  10. Sorry, I did not see that there was a reply to this question. Thank you for your reply. To answer your questions: - The AC loss issue did not involve a batch run. However I have not yet seen this re-occur. I will notify you if it does. We did not have the situation you described above, with several sub-arrays. - However, the transformer losses are still consistently not saving properly when they are set to 0% (this is just a normal single simulation, no batch work involved). As an example, exiting out of the project and then reopening it will reproduce the problem. The project also shows this problem if it is exported, then opened by another person. Switching between variants has also caused this to show up (e.g., switch to variant 2 then back to variant 1). Please let me know if you are unable to reproduce and I can perhaps send some more details. We use this setting quite often so it would be a big help if the problem can be tracked down. Thank you, Allison
  11. I'm now on 7.2.11 and I have not had this re-occur since the update. If it does, I will reply back here and send you files. Thank you for your response! -Allison
  12. Hi folks - some errors I saw with my latest project using v7.2.8: a) I needed to run a simulation with 0% MV transformer losses (they are included in our particular inverter). It ran correctly, as confirmed by the report file, but if I reopen the variant(s), the values revert to 0.1% and 1.0% (values we typically use). So, the values are not saving correctly within the project. b) ^ Same kind of issue for the AC LV losses. I ran a batch with 0.1% loss, but the variant file itself shows 0%. c) If using the Windows setting for the batch file delimiter style, the columns get offset incorrectly. Labels need to be shifted to the left starting with the "Error" column.
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