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Hi PVsyst team 

Hopefully we can get some guidelines from PVsyst team for this complicated subject of P50, P90 of energy yield.

  1. What value should be plugged in for climate change and annual variability? Is there any research article to refer to or white paper that established what % to use with confidence level?

  2. Are these values "climate change and annual variability" related to P50, P75, P90?  

  3. How can we get P50 energy yield for 25 years in PVsyst report?

  4. How can extract P90 energy yield for 25 years in PVsyst? 

  5. There are some uncertainties which are not included in the simulation such as meteto data uncertainty (PVgis), Uncertainty of inter annual variations of solar irradiation, Uncertainty related to the irradiation transposition algorithm, and uncertainty of PVsyst simulation. How can we handle these values in the simulation of P50, P90? 



Thank you in advance 

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