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Shading scene and electrical losses in v7.4


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Hi PVsyst Team, 

Every since updating to v7.4, I am seeing hugely increased electrical losses from shading (according to strings). I am regularly seeing the electrical losses being more than double the near shading losses. This is on projects with proper partitions and without excessively large strings (e.g. ~17 modules). I'm seeing these excessive losses especially on projects with terrain (even if it is virtually flat) and still see large losses on tracking projects with backtracking activated. 

This is a major change in behaviour and has had serious implications for projects that are mid-development. 

What is particularly frustrating is that the Shadows Drawing and the shading animation over a day within the construction view are now unresponsive. Do you have any workarounds to reactivate the shadows animation? I'm trying to understand what is driving these losses and find ways to mitigate these excessive losses. 

I saw your advice to reduce the electrical effect to 80-90% but that is nowhere near enough to mitigate the additional electrical losses. 

Any advice would be gratefully received, especially if there is any upcoming patch to fix these issues. 

Many thanks. 

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