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Parallels Desktop on Mac : Windows shuts down when generating the report in PVsyst

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While PVsyst is designed to run only on Windows operating systems, it's possible to emulate Windows on Mac environment through Parallels Desktop and run PVsyst on it. 

However, some OpenGL driver issues on Parallels Desktop application cause Windows shutting down when generating the report in PVsyst.

This issue appeared inversion 7.3.3 of PVsyst, when some new features have been added to the single line diagram generation. 

The problem is related to the virtualization environment and its drivers, as it does not occur on standard Windows machines.

In order to fix this issue and correctly generate the report in PVsyst, it's possible to disable the use of Open GL 3 on Parallels Desktop by following the below procedure:

1. Start Windows on Parallels Desktop

2. Suspend Windows from the Parallels configuration menu in the Mac top toolbar


3. Stop Windows from the same menu


4. Confirm by clicking on Stop


5. Click Configure, Boot Order, then Advanced


6. Set video.gl3=0 in Boot flags area and click on OK


7. Restart Windows in Parallels Desktop and run PVsyst. The report should now generate correctly, without causing Windows to shut down

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