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"Limit shading" profile angle

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Hello everyone,

the following section of the PVsyst-help suggest a "limit shading" profile angle of below 18 ° to 20 °:

However, I noticed that in my simulations higher energy yields will be calculated when setting higher values for that angle.

Is it possible that this section of help needs to be updated to consider the commonly used half-cell technology as well?

I suspect that since the two halfs of the modules can function seperately (gound-mounted system, fixed tilt, vertical orientation), the larger shading has less of a negative effect than the positive effect of the better tilt for the sun (middle-european project locations).

And since formerly by shading a part of the module the whole module was affected it was much more important to avoid shading, therefore the values of below 18 ° to 20 °.


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As you mentioned, half-cell technology allows solar modules to function independently, which means that shading on one half of the module might have a different impact compared to traditional full-cell modules, where shading affected the entire module. In the case of half-cell modules, the larger shading might have less of a negative effect on energy yields than the positive effect of better tilt for the sun, especially in middle-European project locations.

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