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Change the Default Option of "AC losses power reference"


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Thanks for the recommendation. Do you know how to chart or plot PNom(Inv)? It is not completely clear to me if this is a static variable or if the simulation varies the power used in the ohmic calculations based on AC generation at each hour in the simulation. Do you have any insight?



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AC loss with Pnom is accurate as it is considered Inverter power for percentage loss calculation. 

Example case: Inverter Power is 200kW, and DC power connected to the inverter is 250kWp.

AC loss at STC level = 1.5% of 250kWp which is wrong and loss values will be lesser. 

AC loss at Pnorm (Inverter) = 1.5% of 200kW which is correct and loss values will be slightly higher than the previous case.




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