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2.8 kWh LifePO4 Battery

Saeed Zubair

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Hi guys, I'm making a simulation based off a real system that uses a 2.8 kWh LifePO4 Battery which is a lithium iron phosphate battery. this battery isn't on PVsyst so i need to create it manually but PVSyst also only has Lead acid and lithium-ion batteries. Are there any batteries on PVSyst or in general that I can use to replace the 2.8 kWh LifePO4 battery. The battery is manufactured by PRIME

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The batterie LifePO4  are indeed Li-ion batteries ... 

Defining a new battery model in PVsyst is not easy, and you can do some erroneous definitions. 

If you don't find your battery model in the database, you can always use the "Universal" battery, for which you specify the Voltage and Capacity as you like. The "Universal battery" will adapt its parameters, and behaves in the same way as other LiFePo4 batteries of the database. 

NB: For batteries not present in the database, you can send the datasheets to support@pvsyst.com, and we will see for implementing it in the database of a next version.


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