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How to import real measure data into PVsyst?


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Hi, my name is Raul and I´m trying to import to PVS a TMY file that I did with a 3 year period real life data (see attached image), I  did the following: 

1) ) I took as a template a vaisala format, and substitute the vaisala numbers by the ones of the TMY I did with the real measure data.

2) I tried to upload the file using the Known format menu at the meteo bata base menu, but it do not recognize the file.

Could you please let me know to import real world data into PVsyst for be used in a simulation.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards


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It could be something with your file type and delimiter settings? Ensure that hasnt changed. Aside from that possibility, your measurements are not correct. GHI should not be 4,000 W/m^2. Temperature, albedo, and wind speed look okay, but the irradiance variables are not (GHI, DHI, DNI). 

You can try using the PVsyst standard template if reusing vaisala doesnt work, but I would suggest import using custom meteo. You will define the details and each column and variable that is being imported. More information can be found in the help and on the forums. 



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