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Confused tables when importing a PVC scene

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Hello everyone,

Recently I had an issue using a PVC scene from PVCase. The scene seems correct in PVCase but in PVsyst some tables are confused or too close.

Is this something common and does it exist a solution to this problem ?

I was able to run the simulation by using the tool “disable field interpenetration check”. I was wondering if it’s risky to do it that way so I moved manually the tables (it’s not very convenient because the faulty tables are not presented all at the same time so it must be done one by one).

The results between the 2 methods are pretty even for this project :




Specific production

1104 kWh/kWp

1108 kWh/kWp

Near shading losses



Electrical shading losses




Generally would you recommend using the tool ?




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The risk is that some tables are constantly shaded throughout the simulation if they touch.
In general though, the safety margin by PVsyst is quite ample so you can try disabling the interpenetration check as you did. Just make sure to compare results just as you did.

We noted the issue about moving things one by one, we will try to improve on this point.

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I do not typically disable interpenetration for the reason Michele noted, and likely causing your increased shading loss. I would either

  • increase the table spacing from within pvcase and reimport,
  • if the tables are not numerous and it is a fairly large site, i'd just delete them, or
  • manually adjust.

Rather than going through the check one-by-one, try flying around the shade scene and identifying by eye. Since it is a fixed tilt system, you can also look in the areas where terrain is complex and causing the interpenetrations to reduce the one-by-one check time. 

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