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v7.3.4 power factor setting vs losses diagram


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Hi PVsyst team,

In version 7.3.4, when I input a non-unity power factor, I am still getting 0 reactive energy in the loss diagram.  Is this possibly a bug?  Screen captures below taken from the same report.

Also, in this same model, even though I chose a custom reference tracker for the diffuse calculation, it spent a long time (~8 minutes) calculating the diffuse integrals when running the model.  I look forward to your response.  Thank you.




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Please carefully check that your inverter is able to deliver reactive power  (in the inverter definition: page "Output parameters", frame "Power factor").

NB: By mistake in the version 7.3.4, the limit is the higher CosPhi between Lagging and Leading. You should define a same limit for both. This will be corrected in the version 7.4.  


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