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An "Access violation" message is displayed when starting PVsyst

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When starting PVsyst an error message "Access violation at adress....." appears. So PVsyst can not start.


This is most probably due to the default project (the last used project) which is corrupted: indeed if something crash when writing the project, the project file (or related files) could be corrupted. PVsyst can not read corrupted files.

For convenience, when PVsyst is starting it automatically loads the default project: if it is corrupted, it ends with this error message.


  • 1. One way is to identify the project file which is corrupted and delete it (projects default directory is: C:\Users\\PVsyst6_Data\Projects). Then restarting PVsyst will work again.

    2. Another way is to remove the default project value from the settings file of PVsyst. PVsyst will start without loading any existing project. For that:
    • * Open with an editor like Notepad the file C:\Users\\AppData\Local\PVsyst6\\Admin\PVsyst6.ini (if you do not see the AppData folder you have to show hidden files and directories in the option panel of Windows Explorer).

      * Remove value of the keys Project and Site, you should get something like that:



      * Save the file and start PVsyst

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