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2P and 3P 3d Scene Bifacial Simualtion

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Dear Team, 

How can I accurately simulate bifaciality in PVSyst, regarding that in Near Shadings Section 2P and 3P configurations are used?

Are there any specific parameters or settings that need to be adjusted to account for the simulation of the bifaciality? For example, simulating 2P configuration with different pitch distances RMS Limit is responsible for the simulation. Is there any parameter that has to be configurated correctly in order the case that was mentioned above to be simulated? 

Thank you in advance for your time.

With Respect, 

Katsivelakis Michail

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Basically, there is no parameter for that in the Bifacial model of PVsyst.

Now depending whether the modules of the 2-3 "rows" belong to a same string or not, the mismatch in the width of the table may be a little bit different.  However we don't have any calculations for this evaluation yet.


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