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  1. Dear Team, In the advanced parameters section there is the Pitch RMS limit for bifacial 2D models, with a default value of 0.10m. More specifically, working on a project with different pitch distances, the bifacial ability of panels is not able to be applied on different pitch distances. Increasing the limit mentioned above from default value to 0.4m value, the simulation is able to conducted. Could you please explain exactly the impact of different values of this parameter (Pitch RMS limit for bifacial 2D models) and the results that we were expecting with the default value (0.1m) in comparison to other values? How the expected P50 production is affected from this change? Is there any specific reason behind the selection of the default value (0.1 m) of the Pitch RMS limit for bifacial 2D models? Thank you in advance. Kind Regards
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