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Module's price in the Economic evaluation


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When we insert the module price (by Wp), the results in the Unit price are wrong, please fix this

Example: panel 660Wp, price 0.11usd/Wp but the price per pcs is 137.94USD (equivalent to 0.209USD/Wp)

Note that 0.209usd/wp is the reasonable price, but if I insert that value (0.209) into the price by Wp, the price per pcs will be wrong.




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Dear Kien,

The "by Wp" option is related to the total installed power of your system, not the price of individual PV modules.

For a system of 500kWp, 0.5$/Wp will be equal to a total system price of 250 000 USD (500 * 1000 * 0.5).

If you should give us details about your system (total installed power, number of modules etc...) we would be able to give you the exact calculation.

You can send details of your project (for example screenshot of Economic Evaluation tool) to support@pvsyst.com


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Hi Hizir,

Understood the mechanism and I can insert the right price for each panel, then it calculate the whole array's price correctly.

But if I change to mode "by Wp", the price for each panel (USD/Wp) is not correct.

You can see my attached photos (and try yourself with 02 different panels in one project): 

- Panel 660Wp: 137.94 usd/pcs (0.209usd/wp)

- Panel 665Wp: 138.98 usd/pcs (0.209usd/wp)

Switch to "By Wp" mode, the total value is still correct, but the component price is displayed wrong:

- Panel 660Wp: 0.11 usd/wp > wrong.

- Panel 665Wp: 0.10usd/wp > wrong.

We can still make it correctly by insert price to the panfile, but I think you guys should check and fix this in the next version.

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