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PV field detailed losses parameters: Ohic Losses

C. Amorevole

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Hello PVSyst forum!! I need your help.

In the ohmic losses definitions I had an issue to input some characteristics of my implants on PVSyst. I am talking about an utility scale project: my PV system is characterized by an in-out system cabling for the subarrays: the wires go out from a power station (structure in which there are many electro-mechanic instruments such as inverters, combiner box, transformers, ecc) of a subarray and go in a new power station of a different subarray, obviously the new cables that go out from the new power station wil have a larger section. This helps to use less cables length, saving money. I wonder if this configuration may be implemented in PVSyst. 

Can anyone help me solving this issue?

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I don't understand well your problem.

If each subarray is connected to a power station including the inverter, the ohmic losses should be accounted as "AC losses after the inverter"  (in the dialog  "Detailed Losses > Ohmic losses"). In this case you should evaluate an equivalent resistance of the wires  between the output of each substation and the injection point.


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