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Major differences in Near Shading: irradiance and electrical losses with baseline slope


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Hi PVsyst team,

I've been running some consistency checks to quantify any differences in results between PVsyst 7.2.6 and PVsyst 7.3.4. One case in particular stood out to me, a project where i saw almost 2% decrease in Near Shading: irradiance loss between v7.2 and v7.3, and also a decrease of almost 1% in electrical losses, due to some sheds having a baseline slope of 1° and -4.5° on sheds. I had not read anything in the release notes that suggested that such a difference was to be expected. Is there any explanation for this?

Below are the differences in results between the two versions.


Thank you very much for your time.


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Dear Yann,
Could you reproduce the comparison with 7.2.21 instead of 7.2.6 ?
There have been many patches in between, and several major errors have been corrected. I would feel more comfortable comparing more stable versions.

There have been some changes in the electrical shadings evaluation. For this I would advise reading:

The horizon losses have also had an improvement. From the release notes in 7.3.3:
- Horizon (far shadings): the calculation of the horizon shading has been corrected for times the sun passes the horizon line. This may slightly change the simulation results

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Hi Michele,

Thanks for your response. I am unable to see your advised reading, do you have a link instead that I could access?




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