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Table size (29 modules per string)


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Hi there,

I am modelling an utility scale project with modules and inverters that allow a maximum of 29 modules per string. I want to maximize the space available so I would like to have two different table sizes. One of 29 modules long (a full string) and one that it is half size. Obviously 29 cannot be divided by 2 so I was wondering what is the best way to calculate the number of modules for the second table in order to have a round number of strings for the final layout.

Many thanks in advance.


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There is no general solution to your problem. It depends on your layout, your geometrical constraints, the number of half tables to be defined, etc.

A solution would be to define 2 different half-tables kinds: some with 14 modules, and some with 15 modules.

Another solution would be to define strings of 28 modules for the half-tables (these should be defined in another subarray, and connected to different MPPT inputs).


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For 1P trackers, you generally do not see tables with less than 1-string. Plants are dominated by 3-string trackers, then 2-string and 1-string are used to fill in gaps. It is not cost effective to install the smaller tracker tables over larger trackers, and we certainly dont see 1P trackers with less than 1-string.

For 2P trackers, you can have shorter table lengths since you can string on two rows, so in this case, you can have a table row 15 modules in length and string across both top and bottom. In your case with 29, you would have 1 dummy panel.  

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