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PVsyst doesn't warn me about exceeding the inverter's Absolute max. PV Voltage


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Hi all. 

I'm trying to size my strings correctly but seems like PVSyst ignores the inverter's Absolute max. PV Voltage value. 
Looks like PVsyst isn't adding up the voltages from the 2 strings I'm defining (one connected to each MPPT) and checking them against the inverter's Absolute max. PV Voltage value.

For instance, the inverters I'm using in my simulations have an Absolute max. PV Voltage value of 600v, but PVsyst is letting me connect 2 strings with Vmpp and Voc values above 300v to the inverter, without giving me any warning. 

It might be just me defining the MPPT setup wrong, but, to be honest, I'm finding it puzzling to clearly tell PVSyst that I have 1 inverter with 2 MPPT inputs and I want one string connected to each MPPT.   

This is a very typical setup, it seems odd that PVsyst makes it so puzzling to define such a setup.

I thought that defining 2 arrays (1 for each string) and checking the "Use multi-MPPT feature" would be enough, and it seemed to work fine... but then I realized that these strings will exceed the inverter's Absolute max. PV Voltage value, and PVsyst is telling me that everything is fine (by not saying anything in the warning box).

What am I doing wrong here?

Thanks in advance for any assistance regarding this issue.

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Unless, of course, string voltages don't have to be added up because the 2 MPPTs are connected between them in parallel inside the inverter.

Could anyone clarify this for me?


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