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How to import a ground topography from GoogleEarth?

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How to import a ground topography from GoogleEarth?

• Open Google Earth Pro (this software is free even if it’s called “Pro”)
• From the menu Tools>Options>Navigation, check Do not automatically tilt while zooming (in order to be always in a perpendicular top view from the ground)
• Select a location by setting an address or by scrolling with the mouse
• Click on the Path tool and draw as many points as possible with the mouse to define the desired area (the polygon tool will only generate the elevation data for the polygon’s corners, it’s not sufficient to extract the topography of the polygon area)
• On Altitude tab, select Clamped to ground


  • Click on OK to close the path tool
  • Select the generated path and save it as a KML file :


  • Go to https://www.gpsvisualizer.com/convert_input
  • Select Plain text as Output format
  • Select your KML file from Upload your files here
  • Select Semi-colon for Plain text delimiter
  • Select Best available source in Add DEM elevation data list (you can also manually select a source and compare it with other sources to select the best one)


  • Click on Show advanced parameters
  • Select No for Repeat header row in plain-text output
  • Select Yes for Output UTM coordinates


  • Click on Convert
  • Copy the generated content


  • Past the content to Excel
  • Click on menu Data>Convert and select Delimited file


  • Click on Next and select Semi-colon as delimiter, click on Next
  • Remove the first 4 columns (from type to utm_zone), keep only columns utm_easting, utm_northing and altitude


  • Save as .CSV and close Excel
  • In PVsyst 3D scene, from the menu File>Import>Import ground data (CSV), select and import your file


  • Your topography should be correctly imported. Please note that if you are in the Northern hemisphere you might need to rotate the ground object by 180° around the scene origin in order for it to be properly placed



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