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inverter strongly oversized.


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Hi All,

We have an existing 10MWp Solar farm which was using Central Inverter to convert DC to AC.

This farm already 9 years old, and recently we replaced the Central Inverter with 10 units of Huawei SUN2000-100KTL Inverters.

The farm already up and running with the new inverters now.

The PV Panels are BENQ 320Wp old PV Panels as the plants was built 10 years ago. Some faulty PV Panels already replaced with CSI 545Wp PV panels (about 1MWp of it).

I am trying to run a pvsyst the compare the performance.

My question is, we have certain zone of PV panels whereby one of the 100kW inverter is paired with 9 strings x 14PV per string = 40.32kWp. As a result, the inverter is strongly oversized and PVsyst not allow to simulate.

But in actual, when i check from Huawei Fusion, the inverter has no issue running at strongly oversized condition.

I would like to know what setting I need to make in pvsyst so that the system allow my to simulate for the said situation?

thanks in advance for the advices.



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